Green Homes Have Never Been Hotter

If you want to sell a home in today’s market, you need to distinguish your property from the rest of the competition. What makes your property stand out?

That’s why we’re on the subject of green homes this week. A new study by McGraw-Hill Construction shows significant growth in the green residential industry.

Sellers shopping homes that are not only green, but also of higher quality and better value, have a major competitive edge over traditional homes on the market.

Green Homes Offer Competitive Edge

Green housing has never been more popular. New and remodeled green homes already accounted for 17 percent of the construction market back in 2011 (or $17 billion), nearly three times the amount under construction in 2005.

If the market continues on its current pace, green homes could grab up to 38 percent of the residential market by 2016 (with a market share of $87 to $114 billion).

Numbers don’t lie. Green is here to stay – and not just because of a desire to improve the planet.

Though green home additions can be more expensive to purchase and install - they can save you lots and lots of money!

Green Homes Save Money

It’s not like the country has suddenly developed a social conscience. The three biggest reasons to make green additions to your home that are cited in the study all relate to saving money.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in global warming or not, saving money appeals to everyone.

Most Popular Reasons To Green A Home

  • Improve your home’s air quality
  • Conserve water usage in your home
  • Improve overall efficiency to lower energy usage

All in all, the biggest selling green home improvements relate to sustainability, improved waste management practices and use products made from post-consumer materials.

Builders Going Green

Improving your home’s indoor air quality is extremely hot right now, just ask your builder. 60 percent of the builders surveyed believe all the efforts to improve indoor air quality has made homes more efficient than they were even two years ago.

Half of the home builders surveyed consider durable materials one of the most important features in new homes today. Durability and better materials are key reasons why green homes and remodeling projects are considered of higher quality.

Remodelers also emphasized greening their properties as often as possible. So what are you waiting for?

Bottom Line

If you want to improve the value of your home and save energy, look into making green addition to your home to make it rise above the rest.

And if you missed my last post – check it out to learn more about how to finance your green projects; and save the planet while saving your pocketbook, with a green home improvement.